June 3rd 2021, 10:00 to 15:00
The Grand Marquee, Wynyard Hall

Teesside’s Premier Business Exhibition

Featured Exhibitors

  • Seminars on key business topics
  • Educate and help develop your business
  • Exhibtion of a wide range of local organisations
  • Business networking connecting you with exciting new opportunities and clients

Hosted at The Grand Marquee, Wynyard Hall

Our Seminar Speakers

Martin White


Martha Cole

PR Director at ACME

Alice Coleman

Blogging Guru

Mike Strong

Art Director at ACME

Ashley Dawson

HR Director at ACME

Louis Mann


Alex Black

Marketing Director at ACME

Ellie Steel

Social Media Expert

Melissa Smart

Lead Designer at ACME

For Whom?

For System Administrators

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For Architects and Project Managers

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For Chief Technical Officers

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Why Come?

Unique Opportunities

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Improving Skills

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Growing Teams

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Building Connections

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Joining New Projects

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Learning From Best

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October 11


8:15 am – 9 am


9 am – 1 pm

Speakers – Part 1

1 pm – 2 pm

Coffee Break

2 pm – 8 pm

Speakers – Part 2

October 12


8 am – 9 am


9 am – 11 am

Speakers – Part 3

2 pm – 3 pm

Coffee Break

3 pm – 7 pm


October 13


9 am – 10 am


10 am – 1 pm

Team Competitions

1 pm – 2 pm

Coffee Break

2 pm – 7 pm

Questions to Speakers


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Fit for Business

Steve Black

Steve Black, known as Blackie, will be talking about being Fit For Business. He will look at what that means, how each individual can develop and how acknowledging good mental health needs to be a focus in every business improvement plan.

Steve Black, also known as Blackie, is well known in the sporting world for his positive mind, fit body approach. More recently he has been using that knowledge to help businesses, individuals and community groups through his latest venture Protean Solutions.

Blackie’s portfolio is impressive, with big names including Kevin Keegan, Rob Andrew, Jonny Wilkinson, Jonathan Edwards and Glen McCrory endorsing the former Newcastle Falcons and British Lions rugby coach. He now works with companies including Cascade Cash Management, The John McEnroe Academy and Fairstone to name a few.

A family man, Blackie has always focused on what’s important at home as well as working with many premier football teams, world leading rugby teams and impressive corporates throughout his 35 plus year career. His work is legendary, highly respected, and Blackie has been the focus of a number of radio, TV and literary successes.

More information is available at www.steveblack.co.uk



How to find an engaging audience and refine them into customers on Social Media

Liam Bendelow

Social media is a lucrative channel for improving your business profile with users that are already engaging with competitors and others within your industry. We live in a world where social media plays a role in almost everyone’s life, how you are perceived on social media can play a large role in a user’s buying decision.

Struggling with your following?
Not sure how to increase your engagement?
Are you failing to see the results you expected/deserve?

In this session Liam will walk you through how to identify the right audience, what the multiple touchpoints are and how to effectively market at each stage. How to build an ad which is engaging and turns that following into a customer.

The biggest Secret that’s holding your business back & What to do about it!.

Hazel Rockingham

You will leave this session with a simple 3 step plan to stop wasting time and energy while increasing your productive time, team motivation and profit.

Hazel has been with Team Kinnery since May 2015, along with her BA Hons(Marketing) and a Diploma in Digital Marketing, Hazel’s background experience is within the following industries; Telecommunications, Automotive, Financial Accounting and Scuba Diving Clothing Manufacturing.
Hazel’s role at Kinnery entails looking after coaching clients, managing the marketing strategy, as well as running the day to day operations of the Business.
Like many of us, Hazel spent years doubting herself, was she good enough, who was she to speak out and share her views. Despite having an honours degree in Marketing, a diploma in digital marketing and years of successful practical marketing.
She still doubted she was good enough.
In this fascinating talk she’ll reveal how she rediscovered the biggest open secret in business, how it set her free to thrive in the work she loves and how you can use it to transform your life and your business.
3 Simple Steps.
The question is: Are you ready?


Workplace wellbeing - the best way to look after yourself and your colleagues.

Patrick Masheder

The session will cover physical and mental wellbeing. Plus, staying positive with a mindful moment and positive desk-based posture. Informative, fun and interactive. This is a must-attend session for those who recognise that people are a company’s most important asset.


How to build a desirable brand.

Charlotte Nichols

With 17 years’ experience in building brands from small start-ups to unicorn tech companies, founder of Harvey & Hugo, Charlotte Nichols will share her strategies steeped in neuroscience for creating lovable and memorable brands.

This seminar will dissect what makes a top brand before going into Charlotte’s 8 tips to generate desire for your brand.

Join this session to discover:
• What digital transformation really means for businesses (hint, it’s probably different to what you think it is)
• Why most leaders approach digital transformation the wrong way, resulting in costly mistakes.
• How to digitally transform your business (the right way) using this proven step by step framework.

Founder of Harvey & Hugo, Charlotte Nichols has over 15 years of PR expertise and is dedicated to building lovable and memorable brands, one story at a time. Passionate about the science behind building businesses, Charlotte has worked with global construction companies to unicorn tech companies to help them develop their brand stories. Education is really important to her and she also owns PR and marketing training academy Hugoversity.

Sales Essentials for Small Businesses

Jessica Williams

In this seminar Jessica will share the sales specialists key activities to undertake pre and post event to ensure you get the most out of your time and achieve that all important ROI.

Establishing Just Williams six years ago, Jessica saw an opportunity in the market to offer an alternative solution to the traditional sales model, disrupting and providing an innovative approach. With a team of telesales, trainee sales specialists and sales specialists – Just Williams provides SMEs across the UK with an outsourced sales solution. Increasing their footprint in the UK, Just Williams has increased turnover by 50% this year and has steep, ambitious growth plans over the coming years.

Jessica focuses on the key issue many businesses face, of how to increase sales consistently and effectively. She has worked in the sales industry for over 15 years, across a broad range of sectors, advising, managing and growing organisations through effectively implementing a structured sales strategy and developing relationships for long term growth. Through working with businesses to achieve enhanced lead generation, understanding the barriers and addressing the impact of current sales performance against targeted growth, she is able to review your current strategy and offer advice and guidance for the coming financial year ahead.

5 Networking Habits that will lead to more business

Russ Sawdon

Have you ever been networking and wondered if it will lead to business being passed?  In this presentation, you will learn about the habits that will absolutely lead to you acquiring more business when networking.

Russ Sawdon is a serial entrepreneur, author, Coach and professional speaker.  Over the past 20 years Russ has spoken around the world on the topic of Networking and building a business by referral.  Russ lives in Teesside with his wife and business partner (Gill), their 2 boys and the rescue dog that he never wanted yet would not be without.


Passion Sells: 4 Steps to Stronger Sales

Oliver Randall

Tribe365® are a behavioural governance organisation which delivers services via a plug and play app. Data from Tribe365® has shown that the link between performance and an individual’s passion, honesty, collaboration and balance is undeniable. In this session Oliver will run through 4 focus areas and examine how the focus areas can benefit participants and render them more powerful and happy in their current roles within their teams.

Oliver Randall is one of the founding members of Tribe365® and HPTM® (High Performing Team Members) theory. Oliver comes from a background of delivering projects in complex areas such as the UK Health Services and Pharma.





People build business, decisions build people - improve your decision making in 45 minutes


David Noble

Our promise for this seminar: you’ll learn about the skills and tools you already possess that make you the most sophisticated decision making engine in existence; you will discover how to recognise and build on your decision making strengths, and use your perceived weaknesses to your advantage; you’ll grasp how to become more aware of your decision making process, not just your decisions; and as a consequence, improve your decision making and change your worldview.

Hidden in the gap between the outcomes we desire, and those we get, are often great losses; operational costs of opportunities denied, profit withheld, and reputational damage both to our businesses and ourselves, all of which we rarely consider because cost, cause, and effect are hidden from us.

It’s time we started to improve the quality of our judgement and learn to benefit from the many gains of relying on our own decisions. The first step towards any destination is the most important, and in this first step we’ll show you how 45 minutes is enough to start a revolution.

Building on decades of experience in many operational and managerial roles across a breadth of industries, David founded Noble Innovate and turned his attention to creating Axios3, a guided decision making programme that enables us all to develop an architecture of self-reliance and understanding in an increasingly complex and uncertain world.



Could ISO Management Systems Help You Win More Business?.

Brian Green

Are you selling business to business? Are ISO certificated management systems right for your business? Will they add value and increase customers?

In this seminar Brian will show how an ISO system can not only could assist you in becoming an approved supplier to those desired customers but also increase tender scores by 30/40%. He will also show you how the ISO route can be the right route for your business?

Brian Green is the Managing Director of HSEQ Smart and Urgency Ltd. Brian has worked in health, safety, environmental and quality management for over twenty five years holding qualifications from De Montfort University and Nottingham Trent University. A Chartered member of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health previously held position as a Director of HSEQ for a large plc and now acts as a consultant for the last 10 years assisting small, medium and international sized business in implementing business management systems to achieve certification to ISO standards across the UK, USA and Canada. Brian holds various senior and operational contract roles for multiple companies, organisations and a trade association.

Discover how to generate 20x your traffic by using Google.

David Johnson

Wouldn’t it be great if someone explained SEO in a way everyone could simply understand. In this session David will share in 40 minutes easy to follow hints and tips that you can use straight away to improve your SEO and he will show you -

How to start generating MORE LEADS for your business
How you can put simple measures in place to improve the number of enquiries your business receives and how you can reach out to more of your ideal customers
He will cover the importance of SEO and how you can lose customers if the performance of your website is not up to scratch.
Discover the power of Google my Business and why you MUST take advantage of it