June 3rd 2021, 10:00 to 15:00
The Grand Marquee, Wynyard Hall

Teesside’s Premier Business Exhibition

Featured Exhibitors

  • Seminars on key business topics
  • Educate and help develop your business
  • Exhibtion of a wide range of local organisations
  • Business networking connecting you with exciting new opportunities and clients

Hosted at The Grand Marquee, Wynyard Hall

Our Seminar Speakers

Martin White


Martha Cole

PR Director at ACME

Alice Coleman

Blogging Guru

Mike Strong

Art Director at ACME

Ashley Dawson

HR Director at ACME

Louis Mann


Alex Black

Marketing Director at ACME

Ellie Steel

Social Media Expert

Melissa Smart

Lead Designer at ACME

For Whom?

For System Administrators

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For Architects and Project Managers

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For Chief Technical Officers

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Why Come?

Unique Opportunities

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Improving Skills

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Growing Teams

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Building Connections

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Joining New Projects

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Learning From Best

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October 11


8:15 am – 9 am


9 am – 1 pm

Speakers – Part 1

1 pm – 2 pm

Coffee Break

2 pm – 8 pm

Speakers – Part 2

October 12


8 am – 9 am


9 am – 11 am

Speakers – Part 3

2 pm – 3 pm

Coffee Break

3 pm – 7 pm


October 13


9 am – 10 am


10 am – 1 pm

Team Competitions

1 pm – 2 pm

Coffee Break

2 pm – 7 pm

Questions to Speakers


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Fit for Business

Steve Black

Steve Black, known as Blackie, will be talking about being Fit For Business. He will look at what that means, how each individual can develop and how acknowledging good mental health needs to be a focus in every business improvement plan.

Steve Black, also known as Blackie, is well known in the sporting world for his positive mind, fit body approach. More recently he has been using that knowledge to help businesses, individuals and community groups through his latest venture Protean Solutions.

Blackie’s portfolio is impressive, with big names including Kevin Keegan, Rob Andrew, Jonny Wilkinson, Jonathan Edwards and Glen McCrory endorsing the former Newcastle Falcons and British Lions rugby coach. He now works with companies including Cascade Cash Management, The John McEnroe Academy and Fairstone to name a few.

A family man, Blackie has always focused on what’s important at home as well as working with many premier football teams, world leading rugby teams and impressive corporates throughout his 35 plus year career. His work is legendary, highly respected, and Blackie has been the focus of a number of radio, TV and literary successes.

More information is available at www.steveblack.co.uk



Social media success without spending a penny!

Grace Porter

In this session suitable for all, no matter what stage of business you’re at Grace will share simple steps on how to grow your following, increase engagement and make sales through social media with zero budget.

Having worked in the private and public sector for over ten years, Grace specialises in creating creative content and helping businesses and organisations reach new and existing audiences.

Linkedin: But Why?

Laura Middleton

Everyone tells you that you should be using Linkedin but does anyone ever really explain why or more importantly how? Well, in this seminar Laura Middleton will explain just that whilst dispelling many of the myths you might have heard about Linkedin along the way.

Laura, our very own bundle of energy created The Office Rocks in 2015 as a marketing agency with a difference. No stuffy marketing jargon or never ending reports, The Office Rocks was created to drive incremental traffic to ecommerce stores by harnessing the power of online communities. After all, people buy from people! Over the years, The Office Rocks has built solid, long term relationships with some of the UKs biggest retailers as well as many amazing small businesses.

Not only can Laura talk the talk, she has also walked the walked…in 2018 Laura acquired a small ladies fashion brand, What About This, which had been unable to gain any traction in a competitive and saturated market place. Using The Office Rocks’ proven community marketing strategy Laura was able to turn a business which had only generated £500 worth of sales to over £2m in only 2.5 years. Successfully exiting the business in March 2021, Laura is incredibly excited to be back in The Office Rocks focused on ambitious growth plans.

Working with career minded women so they thrive at work!

Sophie Carvin

In this interactive workshop, Sophie will explore confidence at work. How to recognise
it when you’ve got it and develop more of it in a way that feels like you.
Confidence is like a precious oil, freeing us to work efficiently and effectively. It
impacts the quality of our working relationships, our effectiveness, our impact, our
contribution, our careers, our teams, our enjoyment of and potentially even the amount
of time we spend at work.

Confidence can manifest very differently in different people. We’ve all seen the quiet
self assurance of some and the brash, exuberant confidence of others.
Yet so many of us are more skilled at self sabotage than self confidence.
In this interactive workshop, Sophie will explore confidence at work, how we
undermine ourselves and a few pointers to build confidence.


Don't write off Debts! let Muckle show you how to collect

Julie Parr

Julie Parr is Muckle LLP’s Director of Business Improvement and head of the Data & Digital team. She has over 30 years’ experience in the legal sector and has an extensive financial background, with a particular focus on the management of debt recovery. Julie has a PGCert in Data Protection Law & Information Governance and recently completed Executive Leadership Certificate in Artificial Intelligence (AI) from The University of Oxford.
Julie leads on Muckle LLP’s business improvement strategy and has been pivotal in the implementation of technology and data analytics to drive innovation within the business.
Most recently Julie and her team, made up of finance professionals, data scientists, computer developers and legal experts, has developed and introduced a new innovative debt collection tool to the market. Muckle Collect combines both legal processes, state of the art technology and data analytics to create successful debt recovery strategies for clients.

Roadmap to Growth

Graham Robson

Regardless of where you are at right now, whether you are coping with a surge in demand or the opposite - trying to make sense of the number of opportunities available to you - or questioning the long-term viability of your current model, the Business Growth Roadmap Planning Workshop and Toolkit will help you create a framework for you to develop your own business growth strategy together with some simple steps to help you implement it.

Graham Robson is one of a growing number of Business Doctors around the UK that help other businesses with hands-on, friendly, practical support, helping their clients develop strategies to achieve growth.

If you own or run a small or medium-sized business and are targeting growth, then business doctors can help you to get your organisation onto the right path to achieve its full potential.

Marketing Essentials for Business Owners

Graeme Jordan

In this seminar Graeme will cover the essentials that ALL business owners need to know about marketing regardless of who actually ‘does’ their marketing.

It includes what to do, what not to do, and how to manage the marketing function of your business.

Whatever the current stage of your business journey and whatever your current level of involvement in marketing, this seminar is for you.


Why Innovation & Marketing should go hand in hand

Chris Thompson

Why innovation and marketing should go hand in hand!

In this seminar Chris will talk about innovation, marketing techniques and how both should be aligned together.

Experienced media marketing entrepreneur skilled in commercial video production, advertising, scripted and unscripted media planning, Innovational development, and Digital Media Strategies.





How to Form a Successful Team

Rafe Parker

In this seminar Rafe gives you the tools to understand how your employees think, and the key things you need to give them to ensure they are motivated to perform and deliver results.

Rafe started his working life as a nightclub DJ and radio presenter. From here he identified an opportunity to supply to the late night industry and, as a result, created his first business at 24 years old. From here Rafe went on to manage radio stations for one of the UK's biggest radio owners and then spent 7 years in management for one of the world's largest private companies. Throughout his career Rafe has aided the development of countless employees, many of whom have gone on to considerable success in their own right. Now Rafe continues to develop our next generation of leaders through training for organisations and mentoring individuals within them.




Unleash your True Potential

David Wilkinson

In this seminar Business David Wilkinson will guide you through the 3 key steps required to unlock your true potential.

Most business leaders want to create an incredible life for themselves and family, and they use their business as a vehicle to do so. Whether that’s using their business to create more money, more freedom, more time or all of these.

However, most aren’t reaching the level they are capable of. This can be due to things such as self-doubt, challenges around self-value, lack of time or other barriers and because of this they stay in a cycle of never truly reaching the level of success they know they are capable of, whilst continuing to feel stressed, guilty, overwhelmed and stuck in procrastination mode because of this.

David’s straight forward, no bull approach will help attendees start to create clarity, overcome mindset barriers and leave the seminar with tangible action steps that can be used to unleash their potential in Business, Mind, Body and Life.

David is a performance coach who created the program Men-Unleashed where he coaches business owners and high performing individuals to reach their biggest goals in life, whilst creating a balanced with Mind, Body, Relationships and Career.

Social Media Marketing - A practical Hands on Workshop

Tristan Griffiths

When not delivering high level, life changing strategy for clients. he is responsible for motivating & inspiring the team, customer and suppliers as well as driving the agency forward, by empowering everyone to perform at their best, and encouraging them to utilise their own unique talents.

Tristan selfishly wants to help everyone!