3 Ways To To Get More Enquiries From Your Marketing

How many enquiries came through your website last month? How many of them turned into customers? Whatever that number is, how many times do you think they visited your website before they got in touch?

Most people who are interested in what you offer probably didn’t call the first time they landed on your site…

Thomas and Lucy will be speaking about why you should follow up with people who’ve visited your site and how to do it in a way that gets you more enquiries from your marketing. We’ve distilled it into 3 simple ways and if you and your marketing team focus on doing them right, we promise you’ll see a more consistent flow of high quality enquiries.

They have used these 3 ways to help their clients see profitable tracked ROI which they will be referring to as real examples of how this marketing gets results.

Although they specialise in helping hospitality businesses get more rooms, tables, weddings and events booked, these 3 ways can be used by businesses in the vast majority of industries.

Come to this seminar to learn how to implement these 3 simple strategies.