Hazel Rockingham

The biggest Secret that's holding your business back & What to do about it!

Hazel has been with Team Kinnery since May 2015, along with her BA Hons(Marketing) and a Diploma in Digital Marketing, Hazel’s background experience is within the following industries; Telecommunications, Automotive, Financial Accounting and Scuba Diving Clothing Manufacturing.

Hazel’s role at Kinnery entails looking after coaching clients, managing the marketing strategy, as well as running the day to day operations of the Business.

Like many of us, Hazel spent years doubting herself, was she good enough, who was she to speak out and share her views. Despite having an honours degree in Marketing, a diploma in digital marketing and years of successful practical marketing.

She still doubted she was good enough.
In this fascinating talk she’ll reveal how she rediscovered the biggest open secret in business, how it set her free to thrive in the work she loves and how you can use it to transform your life and your business.
3 Simple Steps.
The question is: Are you ready?

My Sessions

The biggest Secret that’s holding your business back & What to do about it!

You will leave this session with a simple 3 step plan to stop wasting time and energy while increasing your productive time, team motivation and profit.