Sharyn Collins

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Sharyn Collins has a degree in linguistics from the University of Surrey. She is a polyglot, speaking German, French, Spanish and Swedish.  At the moment she is learning Russian.

She worked for many years as a freelance language trainer in industry working at Proctor and Gamble, Siemens  Kimberley Clark and many more companies large and small in the North East of England. From 2013 and for the next three seasons she was the official English teacher at Newcastle United football club where she taught the intricacies of football terminology to foreign players.

In 2009, she noticed that the more English was becoming a lingua franca, the harder it was for British businessmen and women to make themselves understood in global English, as they continued to speak with the subtleties, nuances, colloquialisms and occasionally strong regional accents which natives understand but with which non-natives have problems.

She then set up her company Eloquence, to teach elocution, voice coaching, public speaking, presentational skills, etiquette and charismatic leadership.

Sharyn is now an international speaker and spoke on charismatic leadership at the  Neurolanguage  Coaching Conference in May this year.

She is also editor of EFLmagazine.com, an international magazine for English teachers.

My Sessions

Meet me Halfway!

This is a talk for business people who work at all levels around the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. It is an introduction to the English Language as a lingua franca and to a Globish perspective on the way we are heard. Communication in business is critical, being understood and effectively getting […]