Shazad Mohammed

Mentor to Future Millionaires

Shazad is passionate about helping and encouraging others to start a business and become the best future version of themselves while helping themselves and society.
For over 15 years he has been founding and running successful companies within the games and internet markets. With no outside investments, he has founded 4 companies building them from nothing into profitable successful ongoing concerns.

With hundreds of successful games, 100s of millions of downloads and 10’s of billions of plays Shazad has a proven track record of timing the market and driving a company.

Now Shazad has become a mentor and is helping others achieve their life and monetary goals.

My Sessions

Mentor to Future Millionaires

Ever thought of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and how it can benefit you and those around you? In this compelling presentation, Shazad Mohammed will talk about Entrepreneurs, their characteristics and what in his opinion every entrepreneur needs to succeed. From why people become entrepreneurs and what drives them. To how they […]