Shumba Mambo-Wileman

Surrender and Go with The Flow – It’s A Faster Lane.

Shumba is a Trainer, Author, Speaker and Holistic Coach and works with folks who need to let go of what happened yesterday, people who feel that they have lost their passion, their mojo, purpose in life, vision, faith and sometimes feels that life has conspired against them, or are experiencing difficulties to make decisions and choices in order to move on.

Working together, she helps people to re-set their self-belief, walk into the unknown, strengthen their inert muscles, find the successful you, to be who you really want to be.

After years of soul searching, learning and building from her own challenging and difficult past, and learning from the University of Life, Shumba is an Author, Speaker, Coach, Trainer, Mental Health First Aid Instructor, and Holistic Coach. She worked for many years as a Trainer, Teacher, Counsellor, Assessor and Holistic Complementary Therapist


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Surrender and Go with The Flow – It’s A Faster Lane.

Do you sometimes feel like you have no control over the drama and the different life cycles that are happening in your life, or the toxic situations that you find yourself in? Pushing against a huge flood, or fighting against an unforeseen force and can’t find the meaning of any of these situations and conditions? […]