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Financial Wellbeing for Employees

Sam Tate & Marie Ranson

A joint presentation by award winning firms New World Financial Group and Key Wellbeing explaining how employers can make steps towards improving the financial wellbeing of their employees.

Presented by Sam Tate, Co-founder and Director of New World, and Marie Ranson, Commercial Director at Key Wellbeing.



Marketing, It's all about You!

Leeanne Coatman

In this session Leeanne will talk you through the smart way of planning a media strategy and how to implement it for the best results

Leeanne is an experience account manager for the Global Media group

Disaster Recovery in a Digital World

James Hay

Thinking about the ‘what if’s’ in business is not often a priority, but do you have the plans in place to keep your business working if the worst happened? James Hay, Technical Product Manager at Odyssey will give useful insight on how to protect your business.

James is Technical Product Manager at Odyssey Systems. He joined Odyssey in 2011 and has progressed within the team from Technical support, to Network Infrastructure Engineer to now managing the team. James leads a team of engineers who are certified to the latest industry standards and was pivotal in the partnership between Odyssey and Microsoft.
James has a passion for innovation and in his day-to-day role he is always looking for new products and services to deliver the very best customer experience.

BeReal with your Social Media & Personal Brand

Sophia Gowland

In a world where there’s a lot of pressure online to only show your carefully curated highlights, there’s also a thirst from your audience for authenticity across both your business brand & your personal brand. Let’s talk about how to actually BeReal on social platforms…

I'm Sophia, the founder of award-winning Marketing Agency, Petite Agency. We specialise in Social Media Management for ambitious brands looking to grow their business & Personal Brand Management for ambitious entrepreneurs looking to grow their influence.

I’ve spent over a decade working in marketing for various industries, businesses, and entrepreneurs, helping them to tell their stories & talk to their audiences in the most authentic & engaging ways, and that’s now what Petite Agency is all about, empowering every client we work with to do just that.

I set up my business in 2020 & owe so much of the success I've had in that time to building an authentic personal brand online...


Creating an Emotional Connection to Success

Nicole Brule-Walker

In this session you will learn the science backed reasons why emotional wellbeing is essential to your business success.

Join this interactive seminar to discover how you can build greater awareness and emotional intelligence to become more resilient and aligned to succeed.

Nicole Brûlé-Walker, Sequoia Wellbeing works with top level athletes, C suite executives and business owners to help identify blind spots in their physical and emotional wellbeing to create neural pathways that support your goals.

She combines neuroscience with a high level of understanding about the human body and how it adapts to injury, stress, illness and trauma.

She has a private practice in Yarm High Street and regularly consults for Family Offices and Wealth Management firms for their UHNW clients.


How to stay safe from ransomware: a look under the hood of cyber crime

Simon Gurney

Most businesses don’t understand cyber crime, and their own cyber risk, until its too late. In this seminar we will show you how e-crime gangs earn millions through simple, yet devastating, cyber attacks against business of all sizes.

Cyber-crime is big business and every business, from highlight street retailers to global hotel chains are under constant attack. E-crime gangs from all over the world are trying to make                 a living from ransomware and other cyber attacks.

But what does a cyber attack look and feel like? What do these hackers look like, and how are they so successful? What can you do to keep your business safe.


Simon is a founder of the innovative cyber security company, Punk Security, who specialise in software and cloud security. He has over 17 years experience working within IT, primarily focused on automation and cyber security, and is passionate about raising security awareness.

2024 Social Media Trends

Emily Conyard

The digital landscape is always evolving and it can feel a little overwhelming keeping up with it all. In this workshop we’ll be cutting through the noise and discussing some of the key 2024 social media trends including brand authenticity, AI and more!

Emily Conyard is a Lecturer in Digital Marketing at Teesside University International Business School. Emily has over 10 years’ experience in professional practice working for public and private sector organisations. She is course leader for the university’s undergraduate marketing degrees and teaches digital communications, strategic marketing, and analytics.


How small but key changes can make a significant difference to website enquiries.

Nick Gianfreda

Nick is CEO & Founder of Wriggle Marketing. Wriggle Marketing is a full service, in-house digital marketing agency providing strategic digital marketing support, advice and web consultancy services to businesses of all sizes and sectors across the UK and Europe, from our head office in Newcastle upon Tyne. Our services include SEO, Web Development, PPC, Social Media, Graphic Design and CRO.

How to never be blagged about SEO again

Adam Foster

If you think SEO is black magic, the dark arts, witchcraft or wizardry, you've been burned. SEO isn't black magic, it isn't easy, but it is simple. This seminar will give you an understanding

of what goes into getting your website more traffic from Google Search, in a language you can understand


Now thennnnnn, my name is Adam! Founder of Proper Mint Marketing.

I’m a Hartlepool lad that has been helping businesses attract more customers by ranking their websites higher in Google, so they can make more money since 2011.

I want to work with good people & mint businesses, so I can deliver Proper Mint results.
Proper Mint Marketing specialises in SEO Auditing, On-page content optimisation, Keyword research, Content marketing & copy writing and Marketing consultancy.

Since 2016 I have created and taught marketing and digital marketing programmes, courses and workshops for Teesside, Sunderland and Northumbria Universities. These courses have helped business owners and decision-makers supercharge their marketing, and grow their business.

I love working with brands to help them understand the bigger picture of marketing, educate them in the process and how we can implement strategies and tactics to grow their business.

I understand you’re not a marketer. But after working with me, you will be able to hold your own in any marketing meeting, and not be blagged.




The importance of autonomy in driving sales

Oliver Randall

Tribe365® are a behavioural governance organisation which delivers their services via a plug and play app. Data from Tribe365® has shown that the link between performance and an individual’s passion, honesty, collaboration and balance is undeniable. In this session the Tribe365® team will run through 4 focus areas and examine how the focus areas can benefit participants and render them more powerful and happy in their current roles within their teams.

Oliver Randall is one of the founding members of Tribe365® and HPTM® (High Performing Team Members) theory. Oliver comes from a background of delivering projects in complex areas such as the UK Health Services and Pharma.


The evolving landscape of Chat GPT

Linzi Cormack

In this session Linzi will share valuable insights into the evolving landscape of Chat GPT and how it fails and succeeds for business and SEO.

Linzi's career at Outrank began six years ago, her journey through various facets of SEO – from Local SEO to SEO strategist and finally to her current role as SEO Team Lead – reflects her comprehensive understanding of the field. Linzi stands out in her ability to adapt and innovate. Her passion for learning and applying new solutions has consistently driven success for her clients. This innovative mindset has benefitted her clients and significantly contributed to the evolution of Outrank's SEO practices which is now heavily .


How to stand out from the crowd on LinkedIn, content creation tips.

Cheryl Spears

In this session Cheryl will talk about how she went from being really bad on LinkedIn to being really good. She will share with you
What to post, When to post, How to post and Why are you posting

With over 20 years of hands-on experience, Cheryl Spears, envisioned a consultancy that bridged traditional and modern sales techniques. Today, Cheryl runs Spear-heads which stands as a testament to that vision, offering unparalleled sales support, transformative training, and LinkedIn mastery.
Join us on this journey, and let’s co-create sales success stories!